How to Reschedule Your Exam at a Kryterion Test Center

Due to the unexpected number of test-center closures related to COVID-19, Kryterion staff are working hard to reschedule thousands of exams for test candidates.

To ensure that your test is rescheduled where and when you want—and to enjoy peace of mind knowing that your place is reserved—we highly recommend that you to reschedule your exam yourself.

Here’s the good news…it’s very easy to do.

Just follow the simple steps below!

Please remember to reschedule your exam after June 1, 2020, the earliest estimated re-opening of our Kryterion testing centers.

1.Log into your Webassessor candidate portal at

2.Click My Assessments and select the exam you’d like to reschedule. Click the Reschedule/Cancel link.

3.Under Available Testing Centers, check the names of several test centers, if available. Selecting more than one test center will give you more rescheduling dates and times to choose from in Step 4.

4.After reviewing the times and dates available at several testing centers (if more than one test center is available), select the location, date and time most convenient for you.

5.Agree to the Terms and Conditions and click Reschedule.

Done! You’ll receive an automated email confirming your new test time, date and location.

Congratulations and thank you for taking the time and initiative to reschedule your exam!

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