Kryterion Makes Waves in the Online Proctoring Industry

Kryterion’s online proctoring services have become recognized over the last few years. The growing popularity of online education and IT certification has led industry leaders to rethink the way they run their companies. Schools have realized that providing courses online creates challenges. Students have more opportunities to cheat on exams because professors aren’t there to watch them. Test fraud has even become prevalent in certification circles as IT professionals attempt to pass a course and add it to their resume. Such instances of cheating, which are surprisingly widespread, have turned university directors and IT companies to online proctoring. Fortunately, this web-based service, which is provided by Kryterion, has cut down on instances of test fraud.

A recent article in eCampus News highlighted the fact that Kryterion’s proctors must undergo 100 hours of training before they start monitoring test takers. The training teaches them how to spot arrant behaviors, such as eyes moving off the screen.

Computerworld talked to Kryterion’s Chief Operating Officer Dave Meissner about cheating in the IT and certification field. According to the source, people put a lot of effort into cheating on certification programs – some test takers even hack into IT systems to steal previous versions of the tests. Kryterion’s online proctors can see if and when a test taker uses such notes to cheat. In fact, Kryterion has become a trusted source for online proctoring, helping to eliminate fraud.

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