Melting Wings and Struggling Certifications

Icarus had a falling problem.

In Greek mythology, he was the young man who neglected his father’s warning.  

He flew too close to the sun, and his wings of feathers and wax melted. He plummeted to his death in the Aegean sea. 

Actually, Icarus had a listening problem. Falling was just a consequence.

According to Lenora Knapp, Ph.D., author of The Business of Certification, one of the most common reasons given by certification sponsors to explain a failed program was that it was never marketed properly.

Maybe there was no sustainable market to begin with.

Perhaps prospects had little interest in formal certification because there was no employer support. Maybe there were competing, easier alternatives for professional development. Or maybe the market was just too small and slow-growing to support a certification program. There just weren’t enough test takers.

Not listening to essential market signals was the problem. A failed certification program was the consequence.  

We talk about defining target markets in our FREE book, How To Market Your Certification Program.

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The chapter on target markets is a reminder that listening to prospect needs and desires is a necessity before the program can take flight. 

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