Update! Kryterion Testing Center Closures

Most Recent Update: 7 December 2022

To protect the health and safety of test candidates, proctors and staff during the current COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak, the owners of the testing centers listed in the spreadsheet (accessed via the link below) have decided to temporarily close.

The spreadsheet will be updated as needed to reflect new closures. As test centers reopen, they’ll be removed from the spreadsheet.

Kryterion’s online-proctoring (OLP) solution is not affected by COVID-19 and may be a suitable testing alternative to taking exams at a test center.

OLP test candidates can take their exams online at home or in their employer’s office. Kryterion’s OLP proctors monitor tests around the world seven days a week.

Candidates, please check with your test sponsors to see if they offer online-proctored exams.

Sponsors, discover the advantages of Kryterion’s OLP solution here.


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