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Banish Testing Interruptions with Multi-modal Delivery

The global pandemic of 2020 demonstrated the value of multi-modal test delivery, which allowed many of our certification clients to continue testing by pivoting to online-proctored delivery.

Many were able to minimize downtime by capitalizing on the speed, flexibility and freedom possible within a self-serve platform like Webassessor™.

While Kryterion has always offered multi-modal test delivery, the pandemic reinforced the necessity of having options and being prepared.

Who would have foreseen the closure of 80 percent of testing centers worldwide in the span of just eight weeks in spring 2020?

Kryterion clients, multi-modal test delivery and the pandemic of 2020

  • Prior to the pandemic, our onsite-proctored testing outpaced online-proctored testing by a ratio of 4:1. Delivering exams at testing centers was the overwhelming favorite of our Kryterion clients. Onsite testing is an essential option for candidates without a stable Internet connection or suitable testing environment at home.
  • By end of summer 2020, the 4:1 ratio had flipped. Online-proctored testing (OLP) was the only viable delivery option permitting testing at scale in the face of unprecedented test-center closures worldwide.
  • OLP testing offers candidates the flexibility and convenience of deciding the location and time of their exams. New technologies for biometrics and authentication along with professional live proctors offer enhanced security for protecting the integrity of the sponsor’s exam.
  • Multi-modal testing also includes client-proctored and unproctored exams, two options that serve the sponsor’s specific testing goals.
  • Multi-modal testing insulates both test sponsors and candidates from the impact of testing disruptions like pandemics and natural disasters.

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