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Expert Psychometrics Services: A Practical Approach to Program Validity

Expert Test Development & Psychometric Services

Our practical and supportive approach to psychometrics means that every program can gain from our expertise in a way that matches your budget & long-term goals.

The Pillars of Psychometrics

Not all test programs require the same level of psychometric support. We’re experts at finding the right balance for your business.

Practical & Useful

We all have time and money constraints. We pitch our Psychometric services just right, ensuring they are affordable, practical, and of value to your business.

Credible & Valued

Credibility is crucial in a competitive market. We can help you improve your program's perceived value and credibility by focusing on your priorities.

Reliable & Trusted

Any doubts about your exam's reliability can raise fairness concerns. Proactive analyses will help ensure your program remains a trusted measure of ability.

Valid & Purposeful

Keeping true to the intended purpose is fundamental to a valid program. Designing your program to measure what's essential will ensure valid scores & results.

Legally Defensible

Defending your test in court is difficult if you haven't followed a robust process. While legal action is unlikely, psychometrics will improve defensibility.


Our Process is Practical & Thorough

Program Design & Test Definitions

The saying “if you don’t know where you’re going, chances are you won’t get there” applies to designing a certification program as well as a specific examination.

Kryterion can assist you in working through the ambiguity and uncertainty that is commonplace, guiding you to make informed judgments on how to best structure your examination program.

Program Design & Test Definitions
Examination Development

Examination Development

Validating examination content is crucial & Kryterion can assist with the entire process. Whether you’re starting a new program, changing an existing program, or maintaining a program to meet best practices.

From job analysis, item writing & review, creating test forms, & selecting cut scores, Kryterion has the experience to tailor the various activities to meet your business needs.

Psychometric Analyses

Kryterion can assist in getting the right information from your exam data to make critical decisions about your testing programs.

We can support you with a quick health check, full statistical diagnostic analysis, longitudinal data forensics to search for test form changes, or modality comparisons to ensure consistency & fairness to your candidates. Kryterion can deliver the data & guide appropriate actions.

Psychometric Analyses
Consulting Services

Consulting Services

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the moving pieces of examination development and requirements of testing industry best practices, you’re not alone. For many, it can be a daunting experience without a friendly guide.

We can guide you through the process, explaining the technical aspects of examination development & maintenance and allowing you to take appropriate actions. We can even provide more specific guidance in translating accreditation applications (e.g., NCCA, ANSI/ANAB).

Our Approach

Our process complies with legal and technical requirements for credentialing examinations as well as ANSI and NCCA assessment standards for accreditation. For more information on our approach, click the button and provide your email to receive a detailed description of our psychometric services.

Talk to Our Psychometrics Team

Our team of psychometric experts can help you benefit from the science of testing within a timescale and budget you can afford.

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Our process complies with legal and technical requirements for credentialing examinations as well as with ANSI and NCCA assessment standards for accreditation. For more information on our approach, please fill out the following form to receive a detailed description of our psychometric services.

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