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AI-integrated Test Development and Delivery

At Kryterion, we clearly see the opportunities and disruption that AI is bringing to our industry. Our top priority is to provide clients with the best mix of security, innovation, service, and value in our tools for test development and delivery. AI is quickly becoming an integral technology in our products and direction.


Expert insights on AI in test development and delivery

5 Ways AI Will Shape the Future Workforce with Mohan Reddy, CTO & Co-Founder of Skyhive

The world is transitioning from job-based to skill-based and SkyHive is the pioneer of Quantum Labor Analysis® for the rapid reskilling of workers and communities across the globe.  In this episode of Certified Skills in AI + Tech, we interview Mohan Reddy from SkyHive. Mohan is the CTO of SkyHive and oversees all aspects of developing and delivering SkyHive’s technology capabilities and innovation. Mohan is a hands-on technologist in Machine Learning / Deep Learning systems, specialized in building scalable systems, robotics, and computational neuroscience. Organizing the Entirety of the World’s Labor Market Data What are recent AI projects that

3 Ways AI Can be Used to Solve Business Problems with Antonio Pagano, Business Consultant at vGeneration

My ideas could be implemented and realized much faster  Pagano: “That was truly one of those defining moments in our lives, right? I believed I possessed the superpower of bridging different industries and silos. It was my value proposition as a marketer. But then, when Entropic launched – you know, Dali, and even earlier, OpenAI launched Dali 2, ChatGPT, and Entropic Crew 2 – I realized that AI was my true superpower. It felt like all my ideas could be implemented and realized much faster, and it appeared that what I had been missing had come just in time

4 Ways AI Can Be Used in Credentialing

With Artificial Intelligence (AI) bringing rapid change to nearly every industry, credentialing and the testing industry is no exception. In this infographic, we take a look at how AI can be implemented to advance the way certification programs are created and administered. Why does credentialing need AI? Dell and the Institute for the Future predicts that 85% of the jobs in 2030 don’t even exist today. One of the few ways that industries have to keep pace with this future of work is to use credentialing to upskill and reskill the workforce. The implementation of AI in the credentialing

An Intro Guide to Ethical AI in Certification

Artifical Intelligence (AI) is at an inflection point of adoption in the credentialing and testing industry. In this article we will take a closer look at how AI is implemented in exam development and administration as well as how “Ethical AI” can be a guiding principle to adopt this technology without biasing testing or compromising the integrity of validity of examination.   What does “Ethical AI” mean?  In the examination development and testing industry, “Ethical AI” refers to the implementation of AI technology while maintaining integrity, fairness, and trust in the assessment process. Adhering to ethical guidelines helps build confidence

Embracing Certification: 7 Insights on Empowering Our Workforce in the AI Era 

In a recent discussion, Rob Armstrong, Chief Operating Officer at Kryterion, imparted a wealth of wisdom on the transformative potential of certification. He delved into how certification has the capacity to embolden individuals and influence the trajectory of the workforce, particularly in light of the rapidly evolving AI-powered job landscape.  The Significance of Certification   Let me start by emphasizing just how crucial certification is for career advancement. Certifications act as powerful tools for individuals to showcase their expertise and proficiency in specific job roles.  The Influence of AI  We cannot ignore the transformative impact of generative AI in

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Test Development and Delivery Platform

Kryterion AI-enhanced solutions

AI Guided Pre-Check

Kryterion is creating a better pre-check experience with AI. AI-Guided Pre-Check, creates a more streamlined process for candidates and increases efficiency for Test Delivery Support teams.

AI Guided Room Pan

The Kryterion AI pre-check process can also include an AI-guided room pan to meet your credentialing program’s thorough pre-check needs. This enhanced pre-check security includes AI and human validation.

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If you have any questions about the information contained in these resources or would like to know how Kryterion can help you start or grow your credentialing business, please get in touch.

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