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Protect the Integrity of Your Certification Program​


Protect the Integrity of Your Certification Program

Our psychometric expertise, quality test development, and delivery solutions help healthcare clients provide valid, reliable, and fair testing programs.

Secure and Defensible Tests,
Delivered Exactly the Way You Want

Kryterion is committed to helping you protect the integrity of your credentialing programs.


Protecting the integrity of your program is our highest priority. Clients appreciate our support in ensuring that only those who deserve to pass do so.


Our ability to support accredited testing programs at scale reassures our clients that test delivery will be to the highest quality standard.


Our psychometric team can provide clients with expert development and accreditation support. Helping to ensure test programs are valid, reliable, and fair.


Access to multiple test delivery options such as online proctored testing and a 1,000+ test center network provides clients with flexibility and growth opportunities.

Expert Support, Proven Solutions

Our unique combination of platform, solutions, and services gives our clients everything they need to securely deliver the highest quality assessments.

Multi-modal Test Delivery

Healthcare clients enjoy the reliability and flexibility our multi-modal test delivery solutions provide. Having the full suite of services allows our clients to:

  • Build their testing model around a network of high-quality test centers
  • Supplement and accommodate testing with human first live proctoring
  • Enhance the program offer with our On-demand testing solution
Multi-Modal Test Delivery
Test Delivery

Test Delivery

Our advanced test delivery solutions enhance the security and integrity of our healthcare client’s assessments. With lockdown features and pre-release administration, items are secure, and test delivery is reliable.

Test Development

Total control over the editing and publishing of tests is paramount to healthcare clients. Our easy-to-use platform and supporting services ensure they have the tools and help they need to create quality tests.

Test Development Platform
Psychometric Services

Psychometric Services

Our psychometric support is of the highest value to healthcare clients. Our team provides technical and strategic assistance when required throughout the test development process.

"Webassessor is easy to use."
- Global SaaS company

Kryterion Testing Network

For clients working in the healthcare industry, the secure administration of tests and the protection of content is a key priority. Our certified proctors help to ensure that:

  • The ID of the candidate is correctly verified
  • Access to test content is tightly managed and secure
  • Candidates are treated with the utmost respect
  • Clients’ rules for misconduct and enforcement are followed to the letter.
Kryterions 1,000+ Testing Network​
Online Proctoring: Configurable, Affordable, and Scalable​

Online Proctoring

Our scalable human-first online proctoring service helped healthcare clients quickly deploy this secure delivery method to continue testing during the pandemic. We continue to provide this service to clients that require:

  • Remote options for candidates where center access is not practical
  • Flexibility for candidates who have a busy schedule
  • Lower cost secure delivery models for new business ventures

Client Proctored

Testing at conferences or events is a specific requirement for some clients in the healthcare industry. Using this model, they don’t need to use a center network or go remote. They can deliver and monitor exams in their approved testing environment. Advantages include:

  • Total management of all candidate interactions
  • Complete control over the testing environment, staff, and equipment
Client Proctored Testing, Take Control of Candidate Monitoring
On Demand Testing

On-demand Testing

On-demand testing has allowed clients to introduce unproctored test delivery as an option for some certifications. Frequent use cases for On-Demand testing include:

  • Practice or familiarisation tests to prepare candidates for exam day
  • Continuous testing for recertification purposes
  • Regular testing to build a complete candidate profile over time

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