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Kryterion's podcast explores the rise of technology, artificial intelligence, machine learning and the global demand for credentials. According to a recent report, a billion people will need to reskill for the evolving workforce by 2030. Let's talk about how Kryterion is tackling the challenge.


Jake Athey, Vice President, Sales and Go-To-Market at Acquia

Jake Athey leads Acquia’s go-to-market motion for its digital asset management (DAM) and product information management (PIM) solutions. An expert on DAM and PIM, Jake is responsible for evangelizing the solutions and their ability to fuel productive digital customer experiences. He brings together first-hand understanding of evolving customer requirements with expertise in martech and commerce platforms, making him a trusted advisor on DAM, PIM, and DXP topics for organizations across industries.


Nikhil Parwal, Regional Sales Manager at LeadSquared

Nikhil Parwal is the Business Head of the healthcare for LeadSquared, Inc. He contributes a vast base of knowledge in the CRM and healthcare software industry, which is seen throughout our relationships with clients. He has an acute ability to see growth opportunities in client driven customisations and services. Nikhil is always anticipating how LeadSquared can create a better, more efficient product to promote customer success.


Subhan Ali, Product Lead at Nvidia

Subhan Ali is a Product Lead at NVIDIA. Previously, he was a Product Manager at eBay where he built Machine Learning models that improved trust on the platform. Subhan was also a Data Scientist at Symantec on the Customer Retention Analytics team for the Norton and LifeLock consumer security products.


Jeremy Kirshbaum, Generative AI Expert

Jeremy Kirshbaum is a venture builder and strategist who has been working with clients to understand, plan and implement generative AI projects since 2019. He founded the generative AI consultancy ⁠Handshake⁠. Alongside his work with Fortune 500 executive teams, governments, and NGOs, he is building the Library of Babel platform for collaborative LLM exploration at ⁠⁠. He teaches the Generative AI Masterclass — one of the top-rated courses on ⁠⁠.

Mehmet Tuzel, Global Solutions Lead at Slalom

Mehmet Tuzel is a Global Solution Lead at Slalom specializing in AI-Enabled Organizations. With over 20 years of experience in both corporate and consulting roles, Tuzel focuses on leveraging AI and machine learning to enhance decision-making, optimize workforce, and create stakeholder value. He has led various projects in AI solutions, workforce strategy, operating model design, and business transformation in various industries.
Ram Rajagopalan

Ram Rajagopalan, VP of Product Management at RingCentral

With over 15 years of experience in product management, Ram has been leading and scaling AI initiatives for RingCentral’s Unified Communication & Contact Center Communication product portfolio as the Vice President of Product Management since April 2023. He delivers innovative and customer-centric solutions that enhance user experience, improve business outcomes, and drive competitive advantage.

Antonio Pagano

Antonio Pagano, AI Expert

As a Business Strategy and Innovation Consultant at vGeneration, Antonio is known for his outside-the-box thinking and innovation, particularly through the cross-pollination of ideas across various industries. His role within a leading D2C organization involves staying up-to-date with the latest advancements in new technologies, such as AI, marketing automation, blockchain, crypto assets, and web3. With a career spanning 25 years across education, professional sports, legal services, and consumer products, Antonio has demonstrated excellence in guiding his organization to proactively pursue new opportunities and stay ahead of the curve.


Faez Ahmed, VP at Kinaxis

Faez is a senior education services leader with over 20 years experience in education management. Faez is currently VP of Training & Enablement at Kinaxis. Kinaxis® believes human-centered AI, expertly combined with the ⁠power of concurrency⁠, can drive the most intelligent supply chains on the planet. Our approach is to embed AI across the end-to-end supply chain, expertly fusing the best techniques to reimagine what is possible in supply chains.  


Ronen Avidor, VP of Field Engineering at Sisense

Ronen Avidor has extensive work experience in various roles within the technology industry. From 2018 onwards, they worked at Sisense, starting as a Senior Sales Engineer and progressing to Director Sales Engineer, Director Sales Engineering, VP of Sales Engineer for the US, and ultimately VP of Sales Engineer for the US West & APAC region. In their most recent role as Global VP of Customer Support, Ronen’s focus is on streamlining the process of accessing insights and empowering business leaders to make critical decisions quickly.


Dirk Hopfl, ED of Asaya Group

Dirk has 20+ years of experience in the higher education industry. He worked for one of the most progressive, global top-tier higher education institutions, IE Business School, and the largest online education provider in the Spanish-speaking world, Proeduca Group.


Chakri Devarakonda, Senior VP at Cigniti

Chakri is Solution Oriented Executive Leader experienced in managing large Quality Engineering Organizations to support global IT projects within Budget, Time & Quality Standards. He has directly managed globally disbursed teams from 150 – 750 and IT Budgets ranging $20 Million – $50 Million USD. He is a Certified SAFe DevOps Practitioner and Certified SAFe Product Owner/Product Manager

Brad Palmer, VP at

A skilled Sales, Go-To-Market, Strategic Alliances, and Business Development leader, Brad is focused on helping CHROs drive better business outcomes by connecting their talent strategy to the CEO’s business strategy, and helping them achieve optimal results from their investments in data-driven solutions using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies.

Dr. Joe Sallustio, Founder of the Ed-Up Experience

In this episode, we speak with Dr. Sallustio about how credentials and AI is going to impact the higher education landscape. Dr. Joe Sallustio has brought his leadership to a broad range of educational institutions including a regionally accredited non-profit university, a regionally accredited for-profit university, & a nationally accredited for-profit college, giving him a unique & effective breadth of knowledge in online & on-ground higher education administration.


Biju Dominic, Chief Evangelist at

In this episode, we speak with Biju about how Ai is going to reshape business and the role of science and data. Biju is the Chief Evangelist of Fractal and Chairman of FinalMile Consulting. At Fractal, he is playing the new game that is emerging at the intersection of human and machine intelligence. He is driven by the belief that the more we understand the inscrutable algorithm in our brains, the better will be the technology we develop for our machines.

Dr. Ira Klein, VP at Tempus Labs

In this episode we speak with Dr. Ira Klein of Tempus Labs about the emergence of AI in the healthcare industry. Tempus Labs is bringing the power of data and artificial intelligence to healthcare with AI-enabled precision medicine. Dr. Ira Klein is the Vice President of Medical Affairs for Payor Relations for Tempus Labs. Previously, he was the Chief Medical Officer of Health New England, and before that, led Healthcare Quality Strategy for J&J Health Care Services for 5 years. Prior to that, in his 10 years at Aetna, he was the National Medical Director for Clinical Thought Leadership, Chief of Staff to the CMO, and founded the Oncology Solutions team. His early career included Assistant CMO of Bayshore Community Health System, CMO of Elderplan, and Asst. Prof. Medicine at RWJMS.


Paul Andrews, VP at Opera GX

In this episode, we speak with Paul about how AI is going to change human behavior and transform the workplace. As Vice President of Expansion & Distribution at Opera Software, Paul Andrews led significant growth initiatives, including the development of a Fintech business unit and the establishment of strategic AI partnerships. With a career spanning two decades in tech leadership, Paul has a passion for leveraging emerging technologies like Web3 and AI to drive business transformation. He’s an avid speaker within the industry and a firm believer in the potential of entrepreneurship. In his free time, Paul enjoys leading an active lifestyle and is enthusiastic about fostering the next generation of digital leaders.

Mohan Reddy, CTO & Co-Founder at SkyHive

On this episode, we speak with Mohan, CTO and Co-Founder at SkyHive.  Mohan is the CTO of SkyHive and oversees all aspects of developing and delivering SkyHive’s technology capabilities and innovation.  SkyHive is revolutionizing the global economy by using generative AI to organize workforce data and empower a dynamic, skill-based labor economy.

Angelo Farooq

Dr. Angelo Farooq, Chairman of California Workforce Development Board

Dr. Angelo Farooq, an entrepreneur and education advocate, is a proud Inland Empire native. He served two terms on the Riverside School Board, achieving the highest graduation rate (96%) in Riverside County and among California’s largest school districts. As Chair of the California Workforce Development Board, he drives vital investments in apprenticeships and job training for community economic development.


Dr. Emad Rahim, Endowed Chair at Bellevue University

Dr. Rahim is an award-winning author, Fulbright scholar, TEDX Speaker, business leader, and dynamic educator. He has spent more than fifteen years in the world of education as a professor, mentor, dean, and entrepreneur, instructing aspiring leaders to assess diverse situational challenges and develop tactical, intersectional action plans.


William Jacobsen, Head of Partnerships at Toggle

Today, we speak with William Jacobsen, Head of Partnerships at Toggle. TOGGLE was founded on a simple idea: that investors of all shapes and sizes should have help finding good ideas – making the latest investment technology and insights accessible to all. Will Jacobsen is the Head of Partnerships at TOGGLE AI, an award-winning AI-powered market analytics firm. Will began his career in Equity Research and Derivatives and has worked for Raymond James, Wells Fargo, and Citi in various capital markets roles. Will came to Toggle in 2022 after helping start Kiva Capital Management, an impact investing platform.


Mary Poppen, Chief Customer Officer at

Before joining, Mary was Glint’s Chief Customer Officer at LinkedIn. Mary was responsible for driving and scaling the company’s ability to delight customers. Prior to that, she was the Chief Customer Officer for SAP’s Global Cloud business and Chief Customer Officer for SuccessFactors before that. With over two decades of experience in customer success, business consulting, and executive leadership, Mary frequently speaks at global events and has authored several publications in this space.

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Dr. Leslie Thomas, Chief Psychometric and Strategy Officer at Kryterion

For more than 20 years, Dr. Leslie Thomas has been helping clients create assessment programs to effectively measure and evaluate professional competence. In her role at Kryterion, Dr. Thomas and her team work closely with clients to translate their business goals into a credentialing program that provides real value to their stakeholders such as increased public safety, enhanced product adoption, mitigate risk, or lower support costs.

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