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Associations Upholding Standards with Credible Credentialing


Upholding Standards with Credible Credentialing

Kryterion has been pivotal in helping associations of all sizes transform from basic training services into highly respected credentialing programs.

Association Verticals We Serve

Association clients value our support in building credentialing programs that protect and enhance the reputation of the professions and professionals they serve.


Our testing solutions enable clients to set new standards of excellence, helping management professionals increase their credibility and employability.


Clients value how our solutions' flexibility, scalability, and security help them fulfill their mission of growing their community and upholding standards.


We help our clients boost public safety and industry reputation by providing the platform, solutions, and services to create fair, valid, and reliable assessments.

Solutions to Gain Credibility and Grow Market Share

Through proven technology and services association clients can grow or build new certification programs.

Multi-modal Test Delivery

Certification programs help establish and grow credibility amongst diverse communities when delivered via multiple channels. Solutions we provide include:

  • Online proctoring, with exams proctored wherever candidates live, learn, or work
  • An international network of 1,000+ high-quality test center location
  • Client proctored delivery, enabling testing to take place under the control of the test sponsor
Multi-Modal Test Delivery
Test Delivery

Test Delivery

The security of our clients’ data and brand reputation is paramount. Our advanced item and test security features give them the confidence they need to scale their programs and meet growth goals.

Test Development

Our association clients value their tests’ positive impact on their members, partner organizations, and communities. Creating a quality assessment requires the right blend of expertise and technology.

Test Development
Psychometric Services

Psychometric Services

Our psychometricians are highly experienced, working comfortably alongside our clients’ in-house teams regardless of size, ensuring the most effective approach to test development is taken.

"Webassessor is easy to use."
- Global SaaS company

Kryterion Testing Network

Association clients require a diverse range of test delivery channels, including an international test center network. Our professional centers ensure the security of delivery by:

  • Performing ID verification checks on candidates
  • Training and certifying proctors in the monitoring of assessments
  • Performing regular audits on centers, staff, and procedures
Kryterions 1,000+ Testing Network​
Online Proctoring: Configurable, Affordable, and Scalable​

Online Proctoring

Online proctoring allows association clients to develop training services into end-to-end certification programs, scaling at a pace suitable for their needs. With our human-first online proctoring, clients can:

  • Explore new markets and new growth opportunities
  • Enhance the quality and value of training programs
  • Securely conduct testing with candidates via the internet

Client Proctored

At client-authorized training events, association clients can deploy our client proctored testing service. By controlling the scheduling and delivery of assessments, they can:

  • Plan testing events or series which match their program calendar
  • Supervise the delivery of tests according to their rules and standards
  • Manage the interaction with members, maintaining their established relationship
Client Proctored Testing, Take Control of Candidate Monitoring
On Demand Testing

On-demand Testing

Association clients are always looking for new ways to engage with candidates and members. By using Kryterion, they can provide unproctored assessments for new business ventures such as:

  • Practice tests to prepare candidates and track progress
  • Continuous testing, micro-certification, or recertification testing

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