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Test Development

Advanced Test Development Platform: A Smarter Way to Build Your Test

Take control of your item authoring and test publishing with our easy-to-use self-service SaaS test development platform.

The Kryterion Test Development Platform

We pride ourselves on setting the standard for the innovative use of technologies and services to empower our clients and their certification programs.

Full Control

Nobody else should have control over your data. Our supported self-service platform gives you total control of your items, bank, reporting, and user data.

Instant Access

Missing deadlines because you're waiting for others is costly. With Kryterion, you have on-demand control of item editing, test publishing, and reporting.

No Publishing Fees

Third-party delays and being charged every time you publish is frustrating. Our self-service model has no fees for editing and publishing your tests.

Total Visibility

Managing test development is impossible when working blind. We provide you with tools to track the authoring, monitor production, and control all user access.


Protect your investment. With advanced and secure user management, be confident that your valuable items are only visible to people you trust.


Easily Exportable

Extracting your data shouldn't be difficult. After all, it's yours. Webassessors export features let you download data as and when you need it. No hassle, no fuss.


User-friendly access is essential. Integrating with Webassessor's Single Sign-On and other APIs , you can securely improve the speed of access and user experience.

Fully Supported

We all need support from time to time. Our team of customer success managers are available when needed to help organizations like yours succeed and grow.

E-Commerce Ready

Businesses need solutions that help them to generate revenue. Our E-Commerce features will enable you to unlock multiple revenue streams and grow your audience.

The Smart Choice.

An ever-changing environment requires swift decisions and dynamic responses. We give you total control of your credentialing life cycle.

Our self-service SaaS platform gives you direct real-time management of your entire credentialing ecosystem. With a full suite of powerful, integrated functions, and expert guidance, you’re no longer at the mercy of someone else’s schedule.

The Smart Choice
We’re There for You​

We’re There for You

Test development is a significant investment. Getting it right the first time is essential.

With Kryterion, you don’t need to have psychometric experts on your team. With our flexible psychometric services, you can engage with our experts as and when you need them.

Combined with having access to an advanced test development platform, you have the comfort and reassurance that you can call upon expertise from us.

Premium Security Processes

Our security by default approach to data and proctored delivery means that your items, tests, and users are protected from the start.

Be confident that a first-class service is with you at all stages of your growth, including SSL encryption, high-spec data centers, human-first proctoring, and regular security audits.

We don’t just implement security in assessment. We lead the industry.

Premium Security Processes
Integration and APIs

Integration and APIs

An integrated platform is critical to any modern business system. From learning to results, every data point needs to be connected.

Ensure your user’s and candidates’ assessment journey is seamless by integrating our platform with your LMS and badging solutions to make the most of our scheduling, results, and SSO APIs.

Candidates expect the best user experience, so why settle for anything less?

Streamlined Registration and Payment Options

Test-taker confidence in your brand starts with registration and payment. Get this right, and you have a candidate for life.

Kryterions registration and payment services give you the flexibility to provide a safe and convenient way to purchase a test. We support vouchers, coupons, and credit card payments, streamlining the user experience.

Our team can guide you on the best solution for your business.

Streamlined Registration and Payment Options

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