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Professional & Corporate Certification Programs that Thrive

Professional & Corporate

Certification Programs that Thrive

Our solutions support the development and delivery of assessments that enhance the quality and caliber of professionals across the globe.

Professional Verticals We Serve

Professional and corporate organizations trust Kryterion for its ability to provide the highest quality test experience.


We give clients the power to develop exams that reflect the true nature of their certications, testing workplace tasks to produce reliable outcomes.


The security of our clients' items and tests is of the utmost importance. Our team is here to protect the integrity of clients' programs and assessments.

Financial services

Our proven ability to provide a reliable test service assures clients that their candidates' test experience will be of the highest quality regardless of scale.

Create Tests that Enhance the Value of Professional Certification

Our platforms, solutions, and services help you build test programs that are the pinnacle of professional development, adding value to training and certifications.

Multi-modal Test Delivery

Professional and corporate clients value the security of our test delivery solutions and high standards of candidate experience. We achieve this by providing:

  • Online proctoring, with exams proctored wherever candidates live, learn, or work
  • An international network of 1,000+ professional test center locations
  • Client proctored delivery, enabling testing to take place under the control of the test sponsor
Multi-Modal Test Delivery
Test Delivery

Test Delivery

Safeguarding items and protecting brand and reputation are fundamental requirements of our clients. They trust us to deliver their valuable intellectual property securely. Exam integrity is our priority.

Test Development

Professional and corporate organizations recognize the value of exams that test competency and knowledge. Our test development platform helps them to create the optimum test for the certification program.

Test Development
Psychometric Services

Psychometric Services

Developing tests to the highest psychometric standards improves test quality while also helping to ensure they’re valid and fair. Our team of experts helps professional and corporate clients enhance the quality of their test programs.

"Kryterion has a diversified and robust product offering, combined with years of experience in the industry."
- Global software and services company

Kryterion Testing Network

Professional and corporate clients value our ability to provide centers in priority locations. Our high-quality testing network ensures the security of delivery by:

  • Performing ID verification checks on candidates
  • Training and certifying proctors in the monitoring of assessments
  • Performing regular audits on centers, staff, and procedures
Kryterions 1,000+ Testing Network​
Online Proctoring: Configurable, Affordable, and Scalable​

Online Proctoring

Online proctoring allows professional and corporate clients to scale and grow their testing programs, and their candidates appreciate our easy-to-install solution. With our human-first online proctoring, clients can:

  • Introduce new test programs to new markets
  • Move into international growth regions
  • Deliver sensitive test content with confidence

Client Proctored

Many professional and corporate clients provide tests through their extensive training networks. The advantage of this approach is that they can use existing test facilities within their control. Our solution also enables:

  • Complete control over the testing environment, staff, and equipment
  • Management of scheduling and test payments
  • Ownership of all candidate interactions
Client Proctored Testing, Take Control of Candidate Monitoring
On Demand Testing

On-demand Testing

Testing programs delivered by professional and corporate clients often benefit from the option to deliver on-demand testing. As organizations begin to place more emphasis on candidate welfare, common use cases for on-demand testing include:

  • Practice or familiarization tests to prepare candidates
  • Continuous testing, micro-certification, or recertification testing

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