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Government Breaking Down the Barriers to Certification


Breaking Down the Barriers to Certification

We help our clients break down the barriers of assessment, ensuring testing is both convenient and accessible.

Flexible Testing, Credentialing Access for All

With Kryterion, you can access the latest secure testing solutions underpinned by a team of psychometric experts and an advanced development platform.


Our clients benefit from the ability to provide a high-quality unified experience for candidates online, onsite, or via our global testing network.


Security is a top priority for our clients. We work hard to ensure that quick and easy access to testing by candidates doesn't compromise security.


Alongside our clients, we are committed to providing an inclusive experience for candidates, supporting accommodations, access needs, and a fair test experience.


Our psychometric team can provide clients with expert development and accreditation support. Helping to ensure test programs are valid, reliable, and fair.

Build a Better Test

Government credentialing clients value the ability to provide fair and equitable tests thanks to our multi-modal testing models.

Multi-modal Test Delivery

Test delivery for our government clients has significantly shifted in recent years. Clients are no longer focusing on a single delivery channel. Instead, they are embracing the full suite of delivery methods, including:

  • Center testing
  • Online proctoring
  • Event-based proctoring
  • On-demand testing
Multi-Modal Test Delivery
Test Delivery

Test Delivery

Our test delivery solutions deliver an efficient and secure experience while keeping the integrity of assessments intact. Access to testing regardless of where candidates live, learn or work is essential.

Test Development

Government organizations need to be confident that data used for testing is secure. Our Class 1 Data Centers are trusted to securely protect the content of some of the highest profile Test Sponsors.

Test Development
Psychometric Services

Psychometric Services

Many clients provide licensure services across multiple states or regions. Our expert team has experience in these challenges and can provide guidance on universally approved test development methods.

"The Kryterion Customer Success team is very responsive and is always willing to help as we grow our program."
- National association

Kryterion Testing Network

For clients developing assessments for government programs, high-quality locations in priority regional hubs are crucial, alongside the security of the venues and checks. Our certified proctors help to ensure that:

  • The ID of the candidate is correctly verified
  • Candidates are treated with the utmost respect and professionally monitored
  • The integrity of the program is upheld
Kryterions 1,000+ Testing Network​
Online Proctoring: Configurable, Affordable, and Scalable​

Online Proctoring

We assisted government clients in building the infrastructure needed to deploy secure online proctored testing during the pandemic. We continue to provide this service to clients that require:

  • Flexibility in delivery, helping to accommodate the needs of the candidates
  • Secure human first proctoring with human ID verification and room scans
  • A unique three-tier support system to enhance security and candidate experience

Client Proctored

With this model, government clients deliver and monitor exams onsite. They can use their approved testing venues or testing center network. Benefits for clients include:

  • Complete control over the testing environment, staff, and equipment
  • Scheduling and session delivery control
  • Total management of all candidate interactions
Client Proctored Testing, Take Control of Candidate Monitoring
On Demand Testing

On-demand Testing

On-demand testing has allowed clients to introduce unproctored test delivery as an option for some certifications. Frequent use cases for On-demand testing include:

  • Practice or familiarisation tests to prepare candidates for exam day
  • Continuous testing for recertification purposes
  • Regular testing to form a complete candidate profile over time

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