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Test Delivery

Flexible Test Delivery Solutions: Expand Your Testing Horizons.

With four configurable secure test-delivery options, you can pick the best solution for your program, candidates, and business.

Multi-Modal Test Delivery Solutions

Expand your testing horizons with our flexible, cloud-based solutions. Our advanced testing solutions enable you to administer and deliver tests in multiple ways to a global audience.

Go Global

Candidates can only travel so far. Let them access 1,000+ test centers across the globe and reach everyone with internet using live, remote proctored testing.

Be Flexible

Our flexible test delivery solutions maximize your ability to market your program at events, user groups, onsite, online, and at our centers.

Get Organized

Our easy-to-access platform will let you stay in control of candidates. You’ll have one secure place where all of your data is stored, accessible by you or your team.

Stay Secure

Every program has different security needs. Customize your security to meet the needs of your program and protect your exams' integrity, value, and investment.

Kryterion's 1,000+ Testing Network

A high-quality international test network is critical to organizations looking to expand their program.

The Kryterion Testing Network is one of the best in the world, with 1,000+ centers around the globe.

In addition to high standards of quality and security, each audited location includes:

  • Kryterion certified proctors

  • Secure test delivery

  • Identity verification

Kryterion Testing Network
Online Proctoring: Configurable, Affordable, and Scalable​

Online Proctoring: Configurable, Affordable, and Scalable

As pioneers in online delivery, we have a comprehensive and secure live remote proctoring service that can scale with your business.

Our industry-leading service provides you with:

  • A secure browser to lockdown apps, URLs, and commands.
  • Highly trained proctors for monitoring and protection against cheating and item harvesting.
  • A three-tier support system to enhance security and candidate experience.

Client Proctored Testing, Take Control of Candidate Monitoring

Sometimes, it makes sense to proctor assessments yourself. That’s why we’ve built our test delivery system to enable client-controlled proctoring.

With our industry-leading solution in your hands, you can:

  • Enable candidates to test at conferences or training events.
  • Deploy your trained proctors for ID verification and candidate monitoring.
  • Access our support services for technical assistance.
Client Proctored Testing, Take Control of Candidate Monitoring
On Demand Testing

On-Demand Testing, The Most Flexible Approach to Assessment Delivery

Give your program the ultimate flexibility with any time, anywhere, unproctored delivery—the perfect option for low stakes, practice, and self-assessment exams.

Our On-demand service lets you:

  • Capture performance and practical test results.
  • Store test data for a complete candidate profile.
  • Provide the ultimate freedom for your program.

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