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How Smart Test Sponsors Win with Online Proctored Testing

Offering more than one test-delivery solution better serves your test candidates and insulates your program from external disruptions like COVID-19, which in 2020 forced the closure of thousands of test centers around the world.

Online-proctored (OLP) testing makes a sponsor’s exam more available to candidates unable to overcome the distance, inconvenience and time limitations associated with onsite-proctored exams. OLP makes a sponsor’s exams available to more candidates, which ultimately contributes to growing test volume.

Sponsors with mature programs whose test volumes have plateaued or even begun to decline due to full domestic-market penetration may consider expanding to new markets. Offering multiple testing options, including OLP, is a smart strategy for attracting and capturing more candidate prospects in new markets and extending the reach of the program.

OLP’s ability to overcome obstacles that block onsite exams gives sponsors an opportunity to scale test volume by meeting the needs of previously unreachable segments of the market.

Three Benefits of OLP That Get Overlooked

  • The test sponsor sets the test rules and retains full control of the exam. Test sponsors establish the rules that proctors enforce—like security measures for the exam—as well as appropriate proctor responses and escalations that lead to exam suspension.
  • Test sponsors want secure testing environments and meticulous enforcement of test rules. The greatest insurance for achieving both includes comprehensive test rules and a professional proctor trained to spot misconduct.
  • OLP testing, which harnesses the power of a dozen cutting-edge technologies, communicates a sophisticated, technically advanced test sponsor. If you’ve been managing a certification program for a while, you’re more than aware that positive associations with your brand, especially among test candidates, are both hard-won and essential for success. OLP test delivery sends favorable messages about the test sponsors who offer it.

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