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Tencent Cloud Debuts Online Certification Program with Kryterion

Tencent Cloud Debuts Online Certification Program with Kryterion

Phoenix, AZ. October 19, 2021 – 2021 started making history right out of the gate.

But in the wash of world-changing events, some topics earned more press than others. And among the stories you might have missed comes one that is near and dear to us.

Kryterion client, Tencent Cloud, is having a very good 2021!

In February 2021, Tencent Cloud earned Frost & Sullivan’s 2020 Best Practice Competitive Strategy Leadership Award in Global Cloud Industry for its “strong overall performance.” According to this analysis, “Tencent Cloud is poised to change the competitive landscape in the IaaS and PaaS sectors of the global cloud market.”

In June of this year, Reuters reported that Tencent Holdings, the parent company of Tencent Cloud, is now the fifth most valuable brand in the world, surpassing Facebook, Visa and McDonald’s! Reuter’s article cites data from Kantar BrandZ Top 10 Most Valuable Brands 2021.

So, if Tencent Cloud were making wine, 2021 would already be a vintage year. But our story is just getting started.  

We say that because just weeks ago, Tencent Cloud announced the debut of a newly developed online certification program. The objective is to expand access to the business opportunities that its cloud capabilities provide, internationally, by developing a larger pool of developer expertise ASAP.

The training is delivered via the online learning platform, Coursera. And to put that training to the test, so to speak, Tencent Cloud is using Kryterion’s SaaS exam development and multimodal test delivery platform, WebassessorTM, to ensure secure exam delivery.

Using Webassessor, Tencent Cloud has created item banks, test forms, defined its exam delivery requirements and defined the registration protocols needed to ensure secure delivery.

Oh, and by the way, using Webassessor, Tencent Cloud was able to implement its initial certification program vision just weeks from the date the contract was signed!

To facilitate online delivery of Tencent Clouds’ certification exams, Kryterion created a custom branded Tencent Cloud portal.

Via that portal, Tencent Cloud candidates can create personal accounts for themselves, then register for and launch their exams in a secure, online proctored environment. Plus, candidates can access the Tencent Cloud Webassessor portal seven days a week, 24 hours a day, across the internet.

Tencent Cloud Debuts Online Certification Program with Kryterion
Tencent Cloud’s custom branded Webassessor portal

Tencent Cloud’s initial training offerings are Practitioner and Solutions Architect Associate.

The Practitioner course will deliver a foundational knowledge in cloud computing with emphasis on the “features, advantages, use cases and billing methods of core Tencent Cloud products”.

The Solutions Architect Associate course prepares participants to design cloud solutions that incorporate the “principles of high availability, high security, high scalability and cost optimization.”

Tencent Cloud has also announced its intent to expand its course offerings to include SysOps Associate, Solutions Architect Professional and Developer Associate.

And Kryterion, along with aspiring cloud development professionals worldwide, couldn’t be more excited.

Even better, Kryterion business partner, Credly, is also supporting Tencent Cloud. Candidates who successfully complete Tencent Cloud credentialing exams delivered by Kryterion earn digital badges via Credly.

Talk about innovation! In 2021, Tencent Cloud is showing all of us how to take the cloud and turn it into sunshine – and a boon to business, industry and the lives of ordinary people, worldwide.  


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