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4 Ways Online Proctoring Can Scale and Grow Your Certification Program

Online proctoring is a method of exam delivery that uses internet connected technology to supervise candidates during the testing session. With Online Live Proctoring (OLP), a trained proctor also monitors test candidates in real-time during the exam session. Some technologies used to deliver and proctor an exam virtually include live video feeds and AI-powered monitoring.  Benefits of online proctoring include measures that deter cheating, enhance exam security, and provide a more convenient experience for test candidates. Explore the infographic below to take a more in-depth look at the benefits of online proctoring.

4 Benefits of Online Proctoring That Can Scale Your Certification Program

Increased convenience: Online proctoring makes it possible for candidates to take exams from nearly anywhere with a secure and reliable wi-fi connection. This added convenience can attract more candidates and ultimately grow the certification program. Online proctoring also simplifies scheduling for your candidates and allows you to promote your program to areas where the closest on-site examcenters are inconvenient to reach.

Enhanced exam security and integrity: When an online live proctored (OLP) exam uses advanced authentication and monitoring tools, this can allow for remote ID verification as well as deter cheating and item harvesting. Also with online live proctoring, a trained proctor can detect misconduct during the exam session. This can help to ensure the integrity of the certification program.

Improved candidate experience: Online proctoring can provide a smoother, more streamlined exam experience for candidates, allowing them to focus on the exam and reducing stress and anxiety associated with traditional in-person exams. This can lead to higher satisfaction rates and increased positive word-of-mouth, attracting more candidates to the certification program.

Cost-effective and scalable:  There are multiple ways to ensure secure exam delivery. On-site exam centers are used for this purpose, but typically serve a limited geographic area. Online proctored exam delivery is another secure exam delivery solution that can serve test candidates in any geographic location. This benefit makes online proctored exam delivery a cost-effective proctoring solution for certification program of any size that can reach more test candidates to ultimately grow and scale the program faster.

Ready to explore how Online Live Proctoring (OLP) can benefit your certification program?

With 20+ years of expertise in online delivery, Kryterion’s comprehensive and secure live remote proctoring service can scale with certification programs of any size.

Features of Kryterion’s approach to online proctored testing include:

  • A secure browser to prevent access to unauthorized materials and information during the exam. This technology allows test sponsors to lockdown apps, URLs, and commands.
  • Highly trained proctors for monitoring and real time protection against cheating and item harvesting.
  • A three-tier support system to enhance security and candidate experience.

Kryterion’s higher standard of online live proctoring (OLP) includes assigning a live, well-trained professional proctor to the testing session. It is our goal to help your organization ensure the credibility and security of your certification program, while delivering an exceptional experience to your test candidates.

Schedule a call with a Kryterion expert to learn more about how Online Live Proctoring (OLP) can help your organization grow and scale your certification program.

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