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Grow Your Certification Program with Kryterion

Growing a certification program can be challenging. We can help you improve test design, credibility, reliability, and marketing to exceed your business goals.

How We Can Help You Grow

Are you struggling to meet your goals? Has poor reliability impacted your reputation? Is marketing to candidates proving to be too much of a challenge?

We can help. To successfully grow your certification program, you need credible tests, reliable delivery, and the support of experts.

With our scalable human-first remote proctoring service and 1,000+ global center network, you’ll reach more candidates, and our advanced platform will help you take back control of your items and data.

We can also help you improve the quality of your tests and talk to you about marketing and promotion.

Services Designed to Support Growing Programs

Our advanced test development platform, secure multi-modal test delivery solutions, and Psychometric experts will help you meet your certification objectives.

Test Delivery Solutions​

Test Delivery Solutions

Our secure multi-modal test delivery, scalable human-first remote proctoring, and 1,000+ center network will help you beat your growing pains.

Test Development Platform

Take back control of your tests. With Kryterion, you can take ownership of test editing and quickly make the improvements you always knew you should.

Test Development Platform
Psychometric Services

Psychometric Services

Improve the credibility and reliability of your program with our range of psychometric services designed to improve the health of your tests.

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Our platform, solutions, and services are designed to help growing certification programs meet challenging targets. Make the smarter choice.

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