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Kryterion Expands Proctored Test Delivery Solutions

“Take control of your certification program” is a proposition that Kryterion stands behind. With the latest expansion of its test delivery solutions, Kryterion delivers proof of that commitment. We are proud to announce new test delivery solutions for private events and performance-based testing in Webassessor.

Webassessor is an award-winning, SaaS test development and delivery platform that gives its users full in-house control of their certification programs.

“We have successfully implemented these new solutions with current clients,” said Chad Fletcher, Kryterion’s Product Owner. “These capabilities are sure to interest many growing certification programs.”

Introducing Event-Proctored Test Delivery

Webassessor’s new event-proctored test delivery mode supports client-managed, onsite, private testing events. It enables rapid candidate authentication and exam delivery. To achieve this, Webassessor includes a new, second-factor verification function for clients’ event administrators.

As needed, event administrators can now refresh all eligible candidates’ event verification codes instantly, onsite. This simple, one-step option is an efficient alternative to proctor-managed candidate verification at individual testing stations. Our solution accommodates onsite testing with client-authorized devices as well as with candidates’ own laptops. It also lets clients readily customize and brand the exam launch pages of each private event, associated launch buttons, and error messages.

When a candidate completes a private event exam session, a new session is launchable immediately upon entry of the applicable authorization and event codes. Speedy cycling of test candidates through the testing process can reduce equipment requirements and candidate wait times at events.

A Cutting-Edge Solution: OLP-supported, Performance-based Testing

Webassessor can now support clients’ third-party, performance-based exams with seamless, live, online proctoring (OLP). What is more, it does this in a secure browser “wrap-around” environment. A secure, proctored solution is also available at Kryterion Testing Network (KTN) locations, worldwide.
Performance-based exams are typically highly customized. They require candidates to demonstrate skills needed to address a particular task or challenge. A tech company might, for example, ask a candidate to write code that achieves a particular outcome.

Kryterion’s customizable solution can be configured to work with static and dynamic URLs. We work closely with clients and their performance-based exam providers to achieve the desired outcome.
Clients have the option of bundling their performance-based exams with qualifying exams generated in Webassessor or delivering them standalone. To access a bundled, performance-based exam, candidates must first pass their Webassessor exam.

When the result is “pass,” Webassessor displays a client-branded splash screen from which candidates will open their performance-based exam. When the result is “fail,” the session concludes.

At the end of each performance-based testing session, an API promptly sends the resulting transcript to Webassessor. The result is immediately available to client administrators.

The processes that protect clients’ Webassessor-generated exams when delivered online also protect their third-party, performance-based exams. As a result, Kryterion can provide consistent, high-quality OLP proctoring service for performance-based exams. Proctors’ test session transcripts and the associated audio and video recordings of the performance-based exam sessions are retained in Webassessor.

A History of Proctoring Solution Leadership

Kryterion has delivered proctored testing solutions for over 20 years. As a pioneer in online delivery, Kryterion has been the solution of choice for fast growing companies, associations, and education providers.

  • Online Proctored (OLP) Exams

Kryterion’s live, online exam proctoring service, delivered over the internet, has achieved dramatic market gains in recent years. Kryterion-trained and credentialed proctors (KCPs) are backed by multiple layers of technical support professionals. Together, they carefully observe, track, and support test candidates in real time as they complete their testing sessions.

KCPs have two primary objectives. The first is to ensure the security of clients’ valuable content and protect the reputation of their credentials. The second is to provide test candidates with the best possible test session experience.

Kryterion makes audio and video recordings of online proctored exam sessions in accordance with client requirements. It retains the recordings for client review in adherence with applicable laws. Test session standards and candidate requirements are client-customizable by exam. Supplementary options include use of biometric profiles, secure lockdown browser technology, and customized pre-check programs.

  • Client-proctored Exams

This Webassessor solution permits clients to create, manage, deliver, and directly supervise exams and exam delivery. Clients can pick their own venues, define their own delivery schedules, and train and deploy their own onsite proctors. This option is popular with tech firms that organize periodic conferences and large-scale test events. It is also a preferred option for clients that opt to build proprietary testing networks.

Webassessor’s Proctor management module gives clients complete oversight of their proctor resources and assignments. A Private Centers module offers equally efficient control of test delivery locations, business schedules, and individual test delivery workstations.

These modules incorporate multiple, industry-recognized best test security practices.

  • Onsite Proctored Exams

Kryterion has long maintained an international network of licensed testing centers: the Kryterion Testing Network (KTN). The KTN network is currently comprised of around 1000 dedicated testing centers in more than 100 countries. KTN centers provide the professional proctoring and optimally secure and consistent test delivery environment required for high-stakes credentialing exams.

Kryterion has test delivery and proctoring solutions designed for you.

Kryterion welcomes your performance-based testing, private event delivery, and proctoring inquires. We support the certification programs of regulatory bodies, start-ups, and some of the world’s largest technology titans.

As Kryterion’s start-up clients grow, we are able to scale support for their credential programs.

Find out how Kryterion can support your credentialing program today.

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