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Kryterion Sponsors Two Major European Professional Training Conferences in Q4 2022

PHOENIX, ARIZONA – October 10, 2022: In a recent announcement, Buzz Walker, Director, Enterprise Marketing for Kryterion, Inc., underscored Kryterion’s strong commitment to the computer education training and professional credentialing communities of Europe. “Kryterion is proud to announce” says Walker, “that it is a Gold Sponsor for the upcoming E-ATP 2022 conference and the CEdMA Europe conference later this year.”

Both conferences will be held in London, England.

E-ATP 2022 takes place at the Radisson Blu Edwardian Heathrow from October 11 – 13, 2022. It brings together European professionals involved with the non-profit Association of Test Publishers, whose goal is to build better and more equitable testing experiences, through technology, policy, and practice.

On October 11, the first day of the conference, Kryterion ’s Chief Strategy and Product Officer, Leslie Thomas, Ph.D., will make a presentation on The Power and Future of Micro-credentials. During this session, Thomas will discuss what it takes to build micro-credentials and how to fit them into a credentialing ecosystem.

The CEdMA Europe conference runs from November 21-23, 2022, at the Renaissance Heathrow. It focusses on the interests of European training professionals affiliated with the Computer Education Management Association Europe. The goal of that conference is to encourage transmission of innovative customer success and customer education insights and solutions.

A casual observer of the international information technology sector might conclude from its rapid development that the associated opportunities have been consistently and universally applied. According to Walker, this is not true.

Rapid adoption of an integrated, international digital infrastructure worldwide has clearly enhanced communication and collaboration across borders and boundaries. However, a closer evaluation of prevailing trends and practices makes clear that the training and credentialing interests of businesses, professional associations, and other organizations vary greatly, reflecting regional priorities, attitudes, and business conditions.

Among other objectives, Kryterion seeks to free credential programs from the operational and cost constraints commonly imposed by large, inflexible, and highly bureaucratic service providers.

“Our self-service approach, supported by a highly integrated Software as a Service platform,” said Walker, “is specifically designed to enable individual organizations to take full control of their own test development and delivery eco-systems. This frees individual test and credential development programs to build, beta-test and deliver credentialing exams at their own pace using multiple delivery methods.” These include a global network of testing locations; live, remote invigilation (US: proctoring); and event-based proctoring.

“Consequently, quick program growth and speedy acceptance by target audiences are no longer a prerequisite for long-term success,” explained Walker.”

“On the other hand, the ability to publish and update credentialing exams in minutes, if need be,” Walker noted, “is a feature that many technology firms, including major European companies, find especially attractive.”

Many technology start-ups and professional associations also appreciate the fact that Kryterion doesn’t have annual minimum usage requirements or test publishing fees. “Our clients are free to grow at their own pace,” said Walker, “unburdened by built-in usage minimums and cost constraints.”

For these reasons, and others, Walker believes that the European market offers Kryterion substantial opportunities for continued growth in the years ahead.

About Kryterion, Inc.

Kryterion is a leading test development and delivery company that serves the credentialing needs of technology, association, professional, and government markets globally with world-class secure testing solutions. We are GDPR and SOC 2 Type II compliant. Our advanced, SaaS testing platform includes a full suite of capabilities that allow our clients’ candidates to test with confidence and convenience.

Kryterion delivers live, online proctored exams worldwide and maintains an international network of 1000+ Kryterion Testing Network locations. Kryterion is based in Phoenix, Arizona and has additional business offices in England, the Philippines, and South Africa.

Established in 2001, Kryterion is a wholly owned subsidiary of Drake International.

For more information, contact:

Buzz Walker

Director, Enterprise Marketing


[email protected]

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