The Truth About Recorded Sessions vs. Live Online Proctoring

It’s a sad fact of professional testing that a small number of candidates cheat or attempt to steal exams.

Given the considerable cost of developing exams and bringing them to market, this kind of behavior, often referred to as misconduct, is especially damaging to sponsors in terms of cost and lost reputation.

Kryterion Online Proctored Testing

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In 2006, Kryterion introduced the technology for secure, online-proctored (OLP) testing for certification programs and since then has delivered nearly a million online exams.

We’re convinced that a well-trained professional proctor, familiar with the signals of misconduct, is the first line of defense in protecting the integrity of the sponsor’s exam.

The proctor’s job is facilitated by authentication processes and a locked-down browser. Kryterion proctors also have access to technicians for resolving technical issues.

Each proctored exam includes video and audio recordings and session transcripts for later review by the sponsor. These are valuable resources especially after a proctor enforced test rules and suspended an exam for repeated candidate misconduct.

Some test-delivery vendors don’t use live proctors for their online exams. Instead, the exams are recorded, and the video is made available to the sponsor for later review.

Live Proctoring vs. Recorded Sessions

  • Live proctoring offers an immediate-response strategy for protecting your certification’s reputation as well as your considerable investment in your credentialing exam.
  • Catching misconduct as it happens is a greater defense again item theft / test theft than an after-the-fact video recording of a test session.
  • While recorded sessions do confirm misconduct, that’s no advantage and little consolation if a candidate just stole your exam.
  • Recorded session videos are best suited as a review tool after an online-proctored exam with live proctors. Certification managers can observe the candidate behaviors that violated test rules and resulted in a suspension of the exam.
  • The proctor’s highest priority is to protect the integrity of the exam. Nothing threatens the sponsor’s hard-won gains in certification as much as cheating and item theft.
  • A professional proctor trained to spot misconduct is an effective deterrent to test theft and source of welcome peace of mind to the test sponsor.

If you’re not entirely familiar with our Webassessor platform, nothing reveals its security features like a live demo.

Just click here to request yours. It’s free, and there’s never an obligation on your part. We’ll follow up with an email to arrange a demo time convenient for you.

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