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3 Ways AI Can be Used to Solve Business Problems with Antonio Pagano, Business Consultant at vGeneration

My ideas could be implemented and realized much faster 

Pagano: “That was truly one of those defining moments in our lives, right? I believed I possessed the superpower of bridging different industries and silos. It was my value proposition as a marketer. But then, when Entropic launched – you know, Dali, and even earlier, OpenAI launched Dali 2, ChatGPT, and Entropic Crew 2 – I realized that AI was my true superpower. It felt like all my ideas could be implemented and realized much faster, and it appeared that what I had been missing had come just in time for the evolving world. So, in answer to your question, it was an incredible discovery. I had foreseen it, but I didn’t fully comprehend the potential and impact of generative AI on business and marketing.” 

The key was in how we prompted the AI 

Pagano: “I started by experimenting with automation systems like Zapier a few years ago, along with the usual CRM and automation tools like Salesforce. But then, when I started experimenting with it more deeply, I remember encountering Dali. I spent an entire evening testing prompts and playing with Dali, realizing that the key was in how we prompted the AI. The AI may not be truly intelligent as the term suggests, but it was incredibly fast at connecting the dots and providing outputs. My initial tests involved trying various prompts and ideas, and I noticed that the results were inconsistent when the prompts were subpar. That’s when I understood the principle of ‘garbage in, garbage out,’ and I knew I needed to improve my prompts. The same held true when I started using ChatGPT.”  

New technology to create an interesting book 

Pagano: “I realized that the outcomes were shockingly good when the prompts were well-constructed and, conversely, quite average when the prompts weren’t up to par. So, I continued experimenting with it for personal and business purposes until I realized that I could share my knowledge, skills, and expertise with others. That’s how my book came to be – it was a way to demonstrate, not just in theory but in practice, how I used and leveraged this new technology to create an interesting book.” 

Generative AI is transforming the world even more than the internet 

Pagano: “While I strongly believe in the power of generative AI, my intention is not to take that route. Generative AI is transforming the world even more than the internet did and automation did in the past, but I don’t intend to promote it as a get-rich-quick scheme. It’s a powerful tool that’s becoming an integral part of our present, not just the future.” 

Generative AI can transform content creation 

Pagano: “I come from a background in professional sports, where teamwork and collaboration are not just buzzwords but essential to success. I even created a management training program called “Rugby for Managers,” where I used rugby principles and techniques to teach leadership, collaboration, and teamwork. In every experience, I’ve implemented this collaborative approach. In the case of my book, I didn’t want to use AI merely as a ghostwriter, which is the common approach. Instead, I elevated the AI to the role of a co-author. I named it Claudio, derived from “cloud” and “anthropic,” and it’s a combination of different generative AI, not just one. The book is structured as a playful back-and-forth between Claudio and myself, with Claudio often complaining about doing the hard work, and I take credit for it. The book is presented in Claudio’s voice and even the book cover credits Claudio GPT as a co-author. I acknowledge AI for its contribution, and this was an enjoyable and interactive way to showcase how generative AI can transform content creation.” 

Begin with the basics and gain an understanding 

Pagano: “I see AI playing a pivotal role in virtually every industry and organization, regardless of size. It offers a different approach not only to marketing but to the entire business landscape. Automation will play a significant role, and there will be new roles emerging, such as the “prompt engineer” and “automation manager.” While I’m not paid to endorse any specific tools, I believe applications like Zapier are key for businesses undergoing transformation. My advice for those starting to transform their business is to begin with the basics and understand how to leverage automation tools like Zapier because they are powerful.” 

Kryterion’s Approach to AI-integrated Test Development and Delivery 

At Kryterion, we clearly see the opportunities and disruption that AI is bringing to our industry. Our top priority is to provide clients with the best mix of security, innovation, service, and value in our tools for test development and delivery. AI is quickly becoming an integral technology in our products and direction. The path we are on with AI encompasses the immediate benefits it provides while maintaining a sharp awareness of its evolution allowing us to ensure our products continue to meet or exceed the needs of our clients.  

Please contact us to set up a meeting so we can further discuss how important AI is to our future and our clients. 

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