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4 Ways AI Can Be Used in Credentialing

With Artificial Intelligence (AI) bringing rapid change to nearly every industry, credentialing and the testing industry is no exception. In this infographic, we take a look at how AI can be implemented to advance the way certification programs are created and administered.

Why does credentialing need AI?

Dell and the Institute for the Future predicts that 85% of the jobs in 2030 don’t even exist today. One of the few ways that industries have to keep pace with this future of work is to use credentialing to upskill and reskill the workforce. The implementation of AI in the credentialing industry will help to quickly validate a newly skilled workforce.

4 Ways AI Can Be Implemented in Credentialing

While this is not an exhaustive list, let’s take a look at 4 ways artificial intelligence (AI) can be implemented in credentialing.

Infographic 4 ways AI can be implemented in credentialing

Item Writing AI Co-pilot

AI can speed up and enhance the item writing process in test development. AI can be used for content generation, drafting the item content itself. AI can also be used to provide rationales as to why the correct answer is correct, and the incorrect answer is incorrect, along with references for a particular item. Care still needs to be taken to have subject matter experts (SMEs) review the quality of the AI outputs to avoid bias and prejudices that may occur depending on the language model the AI uses. All things considered, current results are promising in assisting in drafting item content for many professional fields and specialties.

Remote Online Proctoring with AI

AI can be used to enhance remote online proctoring. With the use of AI tools to support human proctors and to provide proctoring services on the front-end for further human review, this creates potential session management efficiencies. Proctoring with AI can create faster identification of and response to potential issues as well as more accurate evaluation of test behavior and environments.

Exam Maintenance with AI

AI has the potential to functionally automate many of the routine exam content management activities. This means exam maintenance can become quicker and while reducing the burden on subject matter experts (SMEs). This shifts the exam maintenance role of SMEs from primary reviewers to evaluators of AI recommendations.

Test Security with AI

Improving pre-exam candidate identification with AI can enhance security while automating processes and streamlining the candidate experience. With AI-powered technologies, test sponsors can stay ahead of content harvesters and those attempting to subvert exam security with tools like deep fake detection, room profiling, and gaze analysis.

AI in Credentialing: Pros and Cons

Through the integration of facial recognition, audio analysis, and behavior monitoring technologies, AI promises to make remote online proctoring more efficient. However, the implementation of AI also raises important questions about exam reliability and privacy. Also, it is important to consider how AI will be used ethically and responsibly.

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