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5 Ways Ai is going to Reshape Business with Biju Dominic, Chief Evangelist of 

Join us as we sit down with Biju, Chief Evangelist of Fractal and Chairman of FinalMile Consulting to explore how AI is reshaping the business landscape and the evolving role of science and data. At Fractal, he is navigating the dynamic interplay between human and machine intelligence. He believes that understanding the intricate algorithms within our brains drives the development of technology for machines.  

Artificial Intelligence, Engineering and Behavioral Science 

How has AI influenced your approach to data analytics in the last year? 

The journey began with data analytics, but we embraced new directions. Recognizing that effective problem solving requires a muti-faceted approach, we integrated artificial intelligence, engineering, design, and behavioral science. I introduced new understandings of human behavior and design to Fractal. We believe that this combination is going to make the solutions we develop for our clients far more effective and far more powerful than the traditional approach. 

It’s all about understanding every human decision 

What is the engagement like between clients, AI and Data Analytics? 

Its not just about AI, our approach is centered around the client’s challenges. For us, it’s all about understanding every human decision. AI comes into play after comprehending these decisions, because earlier that might have been done by just human hands and obviously efficiency would have been lower. But now I think with artificial intelligence we are able to make that process far more effective. 

Deeper Approach into responsible AI or ethical AI 

How can you use AI responsibly? 

I think the very fact that Fractal sought out the development of a deeper sort of an approach into responsible and ethical AI is because we really truly believe see the power of what AI can do, and what can happen if its misused. As a leader, it’s our responsibility to establish boundaries even before the government and other bodies start bringing in legislation to actually manage that, because it is all new. Because of this logic, Fractal became one of the first firms to really develop an ethical approach. 

Are you involved in upskilling and reskilling initiatives? I imagine with the data analytics and the decision making that has to be made. 

Yes, our acquired education-focused organization in India contributes to our belief in AI and ethics education. We collaborate with clients who have their own ethical policies, but we’re also helping a lot of our clients to set up their own ethical boundaries in AI. So that is actually one of the significant practices of fractal, which is helping companies to create their own AI ethical framework. 

Look to reframe that particular problem 

How do you feel about that problem solving component with AI and human interaction, where does it begin, and where does AI play a role?  

Problem solving involves a deep understanding of the client’s predicament. Employing principles from neuroscience and behavioral science, we delve into human decision-making processes to reframe problems when possible. This approach is to redefine challenges and optimize solutions for greater efficiency.  

Kryterion’s Approach to AI-integrated Test Development and Delivery 

At Kryterion, we clearly see the opportunities and disruption that AI is bringing to our industry. Our top priority is to provide clients with the best mix of security, innovation, service, and value in our tools for test development and delivery. AI is quickly becoming an integral technology in our products and direction. The path we are on with AI encompasses the immediate benefits it provides while maintaining a sharp awareness of its evolution allowing us to ensure our products continue to meet or exceed the needs of our clients.  

Please contact us to set up a meeting so we can further discuss how important AI is to our future and our clients. 

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