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Creating a Better Pre-check Experience with AI

Taking exams can be a daunting experience for candidates, which is why Kryterion is committed to making the process easier and less stressful. This is evident in one of our latest innovations, AI-guided Pre-check. Here are just a few benefits that candidates and test sponsors can expect from AI-guided Pre-check:

  • An easier and more streamlined pre-check process
  • Reduced candidate pre-test stress and anxiety
  • Enhanced pre-check security – AI and human validation
  • Increased efficiency from Test Delivery Support teams
  • A better candidate experience

AI-guided Pre-Check Candidate Experience

Webassessor mobile app ID pre-check

Once the candidate starts the process, the AI guides them through using their mobile phone to take a selfie and a photo of their government-issued ID. When using a mobile phone, the picture-taking process is more flexible and produces higher-quality images than integrated or external-wired webcams on laptop and desktop computers.

This benefits candidates because it is more convenient and reduces the likelihood of having to do multiple re-takes. This also benefits test sponsors from a security perspective, since the images are of higher quality, the AI technology can do a better job of comparing them for ID verification.

AI-guided Room Pan

Webassessor AI guided room pan

If your credentialing program requires a more thorough pre-check, the Kryterion AI pre-check process can also include an AI-guided room pan. Once again, the candidate uses their mobile phone to take a series of photos of their desk surface and immediate test area. AI technology will then inspect the photos and identify unauthorized objects that need to be removed before the candidate can  proceed to take the exam. Another set of photos will be taken to confirm that the object(s) in question have been removed, confirming the candidate’s test area is clear.

To create the best and most secure outcome, the process ends with the sound judgment of a trained greeter. This person makes the final inspection, confirming the candidate has put their mobile phone away and their test area is clear before allowing them to start their exam. 

Pre-Check Options that Meet Your Credentialing Program Needs

We offer five (5) pre-check options, allowing you to choose the pre-check process that best matches the needs of your credentialing programs. Those options are:

  • Live ID
  • Live ID + Live Pan
  • AI ID only
  • AI ID + Live Pan
  • AI ID + AI Pan

Schedule a call with a Kryterion expert to learn more and to request a demo. Kryterion’s SaaS platform and in-house candidate experience team are committed to making the exam-taking experience more positive for your candidates.

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