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How Kryterion Puts the Pro in Proctoring

Kryterion’s recipe for delivering exceptional proctor and technical support starts with Kryterion’s Test Delivery Services (TDS) Training and Development Manager, Rod Parker. Parker is responsible for TDS proctor and tester support services training at Kryterion offices in the US, South Africa, and the Philippines.

Rod Parker, Training and Development Manager, Test Delivery Services

His training techniques and insights are the product of over 20 years’ experience. Among other accomplishments, Parker was Director of Training and a professional presenter for a West Coast-based consultancy. During the ten years he worked with Discover Financial Services training group, Parker earned 28 awards for service excellence.

Enjoy some of Rod Parker’s training insights, in his own (lightly edited) words:

On training new recruits:

“The best thing a trainer can do is to simplify a lesson to its easiest, simplest point. I consider complication to be a barrier that keeps people out. We want our trainers to break down the barriers to understanding.”

“We treat each trainee as an individual. Once we identify the way a trainee learns, we use that method, start to finish. Our goal is to help each trainee appreciate the importance of their new role, take pride in it and grow into it.”

On turning new recruits into outstanding proctors:

Note: Kryterion has a library of topics that address the many details our proctors are expected to master. These topics – knowledge base articles – are commonly called KBs. Coach Parker:

“We want trainees to develop and maintain a relationship with our KBs so that they’re always following protocol. Protocols help us achieve consistency. A good test experience for a test candidate is a consistent experience. It’s knowing what you can expect and getting what you expect.

“I tell trainees, ‘If we follow the KBs, we’ll deliver a good experience.’ Later, if we find that we need to revise a KB to provide an even better experience, we’re going to do that. Since we all have a relationship with the KB, we’re all going to follow it. That’s the way we deliver a good candidate experience.”

On communicating the vital importance of test security:

“Often new trainees don’t understand what we do. So, I say, ‘You folks have to understand that these exams are job related. Professionals take these exams. Medical personnel. Architects take these exams. They’re getting certified. Or recertified.’”

“I ask, ‘How would you like to go to an urgent care and be diagnosed and treated by someone who was able to game their exam because a proctor was messing around with a phone during the test session?’ Trainees get it.”

On successfully integrating training program grads:

“At the end of each training class, trainers prepare a detailed report on each graduate. We share it with the graduate and our supervisory staff. This helps supervisors understand our new agents’ strengths and weaknesses. Also, they’ll know how to motivate them because we explain what worked during training.

“A typical report also assesses an agent’s personality type, learning style, leadership potential, attendance and disciplinary record, and computer skills.”

More Kryterion OLP Insights on the Way

The next post in this series will highlight the contributions of the Kryterion pros behind our proctors. These are the experts who help candidates resolve their technical challenges and protect the security of test sponsor exams.

If you missed our inaugural series post – Online Proctoring: Processes That Protect Test Security – take a moment to review it. It reveals Kryterion’s thoughtful approach to live, remote proctoring.

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