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Kryterion is “an innovation leader”, a conversation with William Dorman, Kryterion CEO

William Dorman, Global Treasurer, Drake International, and CEO, Kryterion, Inc., speaks about Kryterion’s global mission and vision.

Kryterion’s pioneering leadership in the testing industry 

In 2001, Drake International’s Kryterion division pioneered online global assessment which revolutionized the testing industry. In 2005, Kryterion introduced online proctoring, a groundbreaking innovation that set new standards in credentialing. Today, AI is quickly becoming an integral technology in our products and direction, reflecting Kryterion’s commitment to continuous innovation.

Kryterion’s Platform and People

Our mission here at Kryterion is to improve lives one test at a time. We exemplify this mission through our platform, processes and people. 

“We created a unique self-service model which puts our clients in control of their programs,” says Wiliam Dorman, Global Treasurer, Drake International, and CEO, Kryterion, Inc.

Kryterion’s self-service SaaS platform, Webassessor, empowers clients to take control of their credentialing programs. This unique approach emphasizes flexibility, accessibility, and speed to market. Webassessor gives clients in-house control to modify, edit, and publish exams without additional publishing fees.

Our top priority is to provide clients with the best mix of security, innovation, service, and value in our solutions for test development and delivery.

Kryterion’s in-house expertise is an advantage to your certification program’s long term success. Our highly trained customer success pros deliver exceptional service to clients while our test delivery teams provide outstanding support to clients’ test candidates.

Our test development and psychomtric services team is also known for exceptional service, industry leading expertise, and a customer-focused approach. Our clients have recognized Kryterion for responsiveness, flexibility, customer focus, and high-quality work product.

Kryterion Mission: Improving Lives One Test at a Time

“We’ve always had a dream at Kryterion,” says Dorman. “And the dream is that people from underserved communities can have the same educational and certification opportunities as people from developed countries. We’re now putting this program heavily into effect.” 

In alignment with Drake International’s overarching vision, Kryterion is committed to not only certifying individuals but also facilitating their placement into rewarding careers through Drake’s staffing divisions. This holistic approach reflects Drake International’s dedication to supporting individuals at every stage of their professional journey, from skill development to employment placement.

As we embark on this exciting journey, Drake International looks forward to partnering with individuals and organizations alike to drive innovation and create meaningful opportunities for all.

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