I.C.E. Exchange 2021 – a premier conference for credentialing industry professionals in the United States – opens November 15th, 2021 and runs through November 18th.

In tune with the times, this year’s conference is multi-modal! Participants can gather onsite or interact virtually, as their individual needs and situations dictate.

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Onsite participants will celebrate the credentialing industry, its accomplishments and each other at the Renaissance Nashville Hotel, in Nashville, Tennessee.

Kryterion will be there to greet you

By the way, Kryterion, a proud Platinum Level co-sponsor, invites all onsite participants to stop by Booth 608 in the aptly named Innovation Hall and say hello!

Virtual attendees will log in from around the country, and in some cases, from around the world, to participate in a cross section of exciting virtual I.C.E. Exchange 2021 program offerings.

Virtual attendees can connect with Kryterion’s onsite representatives – Lily Turnquist, Senior Business Development Manager, Buzz Walker, Director, Enterprise Marketing – via the I.C.E mobile app available through their App Store. Alternately, they can avail themselves of the Kryterion website at www.Kryterion.com.

As you may know, the COVID-19 pandemic prompted many credentialing industry organizations to investigate and invest in multi-modal test delivery (i.e., the addition of secure, proctored online test delivery to their test delivery options menu) for high-stakes exams. Pre-pandemic, for many organizations, the standard mode of test delivery for important credentialing exams was on-site, typically in dedicated brick and mortar facilities.

Kryterion was multi-modal before multi-modal was “a thing”

KRYTERION Booth 608 at at ICE Exchange 2021. Busy, busy!

Luckily for all concerned, the option to shift to secure, online proctored exams was available thanks to the efforts of visionaries and innovative companies like Kryterion. No less a personage than Marten Roorda, former chair of the Association of Test Publishers (ATP), points out that Kryterion was “the first company in the world to provide remote proctoring,” in his LinkedIn profile. (He should know, he co-founded Kryterion.)

We admit it. Kryterion is more than a little proud of the fact that it was ahead of the curve before anyone knew a curve was coming! And we welcome the chance to share our extensive industry expertise with all credentialing industry stakeholders.

What’s the old refrain? Bring your questions to us.

Now that the credentialing industry is widely welcoming multi-modal test delivery as a serious option, it only seems appropriate that I.C.E. Exchange 2021 should itself be going multi-modal!

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