Talend & ServiceNow Receive Prestigious Awards from CEdMA

Kryterion is pleased to recognize the awards presented by the Customer Education Management Association (CEdMA) to Talend and ServiceNow, two esteemed CEdMA members.

CEdMA awarded the prestigious 2019 CEdMA Innovation Award to the Talend Technical Enablement Team. The award recognizes Talend’s new continuous learning program, Talend Academy, which provides all licensed Talend users unlimited access to a library of hands-on, online training. The platform allows users to keep up with the rapid evolution of Talend technology and the data-integration ecosystem. Users are empowered to learn what they need, when they need in one simple, integrated platform.

CEdMA also recognized ServiceNow, a leading provider of cloud-based services to enterprise IT operations, with the 2019 CEdMA Impact Award for outstanding, quantified results in enterprise software training and education. The award specifically acknowledges ServiceNow’s success in scaling its enterprise IT training to meet the educational needs of thousands of students per year while driving value, product adoption, customer satisfaction and loyalty.

The presentations took place at CEdMA’s annual conference held in November 2019 in Nashville, TN.

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