Why did Kryterion bring a NASCAR Simulator to ATP 2022?

ATP Innovations in Testing Conference Opened March 20!

The 2022 Association of Test Publishers (ATP) Innovations in Testing Conference highlighted the industry’s best answers to passionate demands for greater opportunity, greater inclusion, and potent new assessment solutions. 

It also spoke to the vast appetite for professional opportunity of countless individuals in countless locations. Not with one voice, but with hundreds!

Over 300 speakers presented  at ATP’s hybrid, Innovations in Testing Conference – hosted for in-person attendees by the Hyatt Regency Orlando, in Orlando, Florida – from March 20th to March 24th, 2022. Speakers appeared in person and virtually, in over 200 sessions.

Kryterion Was a Platinum Sponsor

Kryterion was delighted to support this remarkable event as a Platinum Sponsor. Not for the first time, either! Our participation signaled Kryterion’s strong commitment to ATP’s mission

We can do this thanks to powerful demand for our innovative, SaaS test management software and other programs. Our clients manage their professional test development, test delivery, and associated services from a single, highly-integrated platform: Webassessor.

Speaking of success…

We’re Celebrating Our 20th Anniversary! Join the Fun.

Over 20 years of industry leadership deserves a celebration! We invited in-person attendees to find Kryterion’s booth in the Exhibit Hall. There, many took a NASCAR simulator for a thrilling sprint. In-person and virtual attendees could also register for our Apple Watch SE sweepstakes! 

Our conference slogan was Take Control. Get in the Driver’s Seat! 

Driving the NASCAR simulator generated a powerful sense of exhilaration. You can achieve a similar experience by taking full control of your credentialing program. Discover how empowering it can be to take direct control your test development, management and delivery processes. Just reach out for more information and to schedule a demo.

Direct control can boost credentialing program flexibility and responsiveness – in some cases, dramatically. We know this because multiple clients are expanding their own credentialing horizons at a breathtaking pace. They, too, are embracing control and diversity! 

Catch Kryterion’s Sponsor Session

On Monday, March 21st, 3:20 p.m., EST, Interim CIO, Kirby Glad, presented Designed to Grow: How Multi-level Certifications Can Enhance Credentialing Program Success. It remains available to all attendees via the ATP Hub now that the conference is over. 

A Romantic Might Say a New World Beckons

We aren’t romantics. We’re industry visionaries who think that business continuity – program reliability and resilience – is as essential as innovation. 

By the way, that new world isn’t beckoning. It’s stamping its feet and demanding respect and representation! That’s why you’ll find Kryterion in the center of the action.

Kryterion itself has benefited greatly from diversity. Diversity has made Kryterion smarter, stronger and more responsive. Team members are fluent, at last count, in well over 30 languages. They are based in Africa, in Europe, in the Philippines and the United States. 

Their acumen and search for opportunity brought them to Kryterion. Their skills, passion and hard work enable Kryterion to put test sponsors and test candidates alike in the driver’s seat.

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